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Data Recovery From Android Smartphone – How Is It Made Possible?

Posted on Aug, 19, 2017

The Android smartphones and tablets are no longer just means of communication and for playing games by the users. They also serve the purpose of being the portable devices inclusive of the fully functional cameras, which helps to store all their important and favorite photos. Other functions are downloading applications and recording of the high-quality videos.

The users often encounter a situation, when all this valuable data is lost. There is a higher amount of risk involved in the breaking, submerging of these portable devices than any other device and so the need for data recovery services arise.

The consumers of the recovery services will be the home users or the highly skilled technical experts for whom the Android phone is an absolute necessity. If the data becomes inaccessible, then the user can face an adverse situation. The types of vital data, which can be lost from the Android smartphone, are:

• Contacts
• Messages
• Whats App
• Videos
• Gallery
• Audios
• Documents

The features and functions of Android smartphones offer an endless opportunity for exploration. However, the darker side remains in the data loss situation in an Android Smartphone and which arises due to the following reasons:

• Accidentally deleting a photo or other media file
• Data loss due to factory settings
• Severe level of corruption due to virus or malware infection on your Android cell phone SD card
• Mishandling the cell phones like ejection of the memory card during read/write process or the same Android SD card is used on multiple OS, leading to deletion of media files
• Data loss from Android phone if there is some interruption while moving or transferring the files from Android phone to computer or vice-versa
• ROM is flashed
• Damaged by Water
• Broken Screen

Recovery of Deleted Photos from Android

The Android devices are equipped with such features like taking photos and shooting videos. The photos taken can be viewed immediately on the device screen, and editing of the photos is also possible.

The data loss is due to damage caused to a logical structure. With the corruption of the file system in Android or when the SD card is formatted, the table, which contains the information about the location of the photo files, are only destroyed. However, the photo remains intact and if not overwritten with the data shredder, can be eventually recovered. So, even with an accidental deletion will not remove the files completely from the smartphone.

The preview and the export services are needed with multiple formats like the CSV, HTML, and VCF.

Restoration of Data on Android Phone after Factory Reset

This happens due to the accidental pressing of the factory reset button by the user. The Android-based device will hang suddenly and will display an error message.

After the phone is reset to factory settings, all the personal data like the photos, videos, music files are lost. The user must immediately stop using the smartphone if the user wants the restoration of the data. The data lost is recovered with a professional Android Recovery service.

It is suggested that a backup of the Android Data is done in a frequent manner so that this critical data loss can be prevented from being lost forever.

Support for a range of Device

Stellar Android Data recovery services can support the various Android devices like tablets and Android phones like Samsung, Google, LG, HTC, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Motorola, and others.

These services can also retrieve data from external SD card in Android and phones and tablets. These are generally compatible with various Android OS versions. Stellar Mobile data recovery services are providing mobile data recovery services and with experience of 2 decades, we can recover the data from any critical situation.

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