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Millenniata Makes Another Big Move Towards Permanent Data Storage With Blu-Ray M-DISC

Posted on Sep, 15, 2017

US-based Millenniata is all set to launch its 25 GB Blu-ray M-DISC in the second quarter of this year. The news came to light after the Storage Visions Conference in Las Vegas. The new Blu-ray disc uses a non-dye based Blu-ray optical technology that will write data once, but keep it for generations to come. This is a big leap towards an evolution of permanent data storage solutions for both businesses and consumers.

Imation Corp. and Millenniata have joined hands to market and distribute both the M-DISC DVD and the new Blu-ray M-DISC under Imation’s TDK, Memorex and Imation brands. RITEK Corporation, the largest optical media manufacturer in the world, has agreed to produce Blu-ray M-DISC and co-partner with Millenniata to market these discs under dual brands.

The new Blu-ray M-DISC will be compatible with all Blu-ray combo drives and will support all standard optical discs formats. The data is preserved for centuries by using an inorganic rock-like material for storage. The tests conducted by the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake, Calif. revealed that M-DISC does not degrade even in extreme conditions and environments. All the other discs showed negative results on the tests.

M-DISC DVDs can be read in virtually any DVD drive, but support only M-DISC compatible drives for writing. LG Electronics has already unveiled a cheap M-Ready optical drive for the ones who do not want to lose their data for tens of hundreds of years. In addition, Acer Inc. now ships computers with M-DISC compatible Hitachi LG Data Storage (HLDS) DVD and Blu-ray optical drives.

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