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Recovery Of Server Data Must Only Be Performed By Experienced Service Providers

Posted on Sep, 15, 2017

What do you mean by servers? It is the centralized computer, which stores huge volumes of data and helps in providing the required information after processing the data. This can be the mail server, application server, file server, web server, or domain controller of your organization. Servers usually store the business critical data of the whole organization and the entire online business runs through these servers. This is why servers are called as the backbone of the organizations and any problem to them results in the loss of huge money or business. With the help of any professional server data recovery service provider, you can recover all your precious data from any troubled server.

Initially, when industries started using computers, there were only stand-alone computers. Then, the invention of different network topologies drove them to the usage of networked computers. But to store huge volumes of data safely, industries started implementing servers. Servers provide organizations with faster data processing and storage of huge volumes of data at one centralized place to be accessed online.

With these features, gradually the servers established dependability to such an extent that even a server down of few minutes can be the reason for losing the business of thousands of dollars. This is the reason; many organizations have implemented several data safety measures to safe guard data in the server. But, still, there are many instances of problem do happen, leading to the inaccessibility of data in the server. Below are some of the prominent reasons behind data loss in servers:

  • Damage To The Controller Chip Of The RAID Server
  • Severe Damage To The Registry Configuration Of The Server
  • Failure While Rebuilding
  • Multiple Numbers Of Attached Drives Have Failed Simultaneously
  • Intermittent Drive Failure, Resulting In The Damage To The Server Configuration
  • File System Corruption In The Server Computer
  • Physical Damage To Server Media Because Of Fire, Flood, Water Or Earthquake

As the data in the troubled server is immensely important, under any of the above situations it is advised to opt for any experienced server recovery service provider to perform the recovery operations safely. In India, Stellar Data Recovery is a leading server data recovery service provider. Stellar has been in the data recovery industry since 1993 and with its advanced tools, techniques, skilled engineers, CLASS 100 Clean Room labs, ensures successful recovery of server data from any instance of server failure.

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