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Mahesh Sunderaraman

About Client

Mahesh Sunderaraman is from Mumbai and works in IT sector.


To successfully recover all the data lost due to the failure of the floppy disk.


Approached Stellar Data Recovery Service Centre – Mumbai to recover data.


Successfully recovered data from the floppy disk.

Our client successfully recovered data from floppy disk

The client, Mahesh Sunderaraman, hails from the City of dreams i.e. Mumbai and is an IT professional. He is Intellectually curious and has a zeal to learn new things.

The client worked on a SONY floppy disk from 1996-1998 with the storage capacity of approx. 2MB. He generally stored important data on it so that he could access it whenever, i.e., as per requirement. Everything was going like clockwork until his floppy disk got corrupt and damaged. As a result, the client was unable to access the data as the floppy disk was not detected by the system. Moreover, he approached a couple of vendors to address the issue but of no avail. They could not provide him with the proper solution or the tool to recover the data from the floppy disk.

The floppy disk contained important data which he simply could not compromise with and was concerned with the privacy of the data. With that thought, he conducted a root cause analysis and found that the floppy disk got damaged due to Logical cum Physical errors, thus resulting in the inaccessibility of the data stored in it.

With the data at stake, what the client needed at this point is a professional data recovery services provider that can recover the data without leaving room for data loss and data leakage.

Without further delay, the client approached Stellar Data Recovery-Mumbai Service Centre and he brings into the notice of the representative of the Stellar Data Recovery about the issue.

Responding to the query, the representative asked the client to submit the floppy disk so that our team of experts could detect the root cause. Also, the representative told him about the ‘No Recovery No Charge’ policy and that if it’s beyond recovery, then he won’t be charged. Going forward, the client submitted the floppy and we started analyzing it further.

On the completion of the analysis, our technical team found that the reason behind the floppy disk not getting detected. It was due to a large number of bad sectors that made the floppy disk inaccessible.

After our team of expertise got to the root of the problem, they believed that Class 100 Clean Room Labs will be the perfect environment for eliminating further complications and successfully recovery of data from the disk.

After getting the Client’s consent, our team immediately started the recovering process and performed the following steps:

  • We got the access to sector-to-sector imaging from the disk and went ahead with the recovery process.
  • We deployed Stellar disk-imaging tool for recovery to repair Logical cum Physical errors.
  • Finally, we restored all the bad sectors and successfully recovered all the data abiding by the data integrity and accuracy.

Our team of professionals at the Stellar Data Recovery – Mumbai recovered the data in just 5 days efficiently and effectively. On confirming the validation of the data recovery process, the client told us that our team exceeded his expectations and he was very happy with our data recovery services.

Mahesh Sunderaraman was able to access the data stored on the floppy disk and he left on a happy note:
Good Service. Excellent interaction and professional service.
It was a challenge to retrieve the data from the floppy”


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